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Finding Purpose

I recently had a surge in applicants to our introduction Kung Fu class… and this meant that on one night I had potentially many more students than I have ever had before at one time. At first I looked forward to this, but as the class approached I felt myself becoming more and more tense. My stomach was knotted and was feeling anxious about giving the class to so many people. It was not rational as I am not normally nervous about public appearances, but I just could not help myself.

This reached a climax as, on the night, I approached the training hall itself.. But suddenly I had a thought which changed everything. The thought was simply this: “I’m no good to them if I am nervous”. Amazingly, as soon as this popped into my head my whole body immediately completely relaxed. The knot in my stomach disappeared and tension in my shoulders and legs that I hadn’t even realised was there, also flowed away. I walked confidently into the building and gave what I believe was a great class.

Later, when I got home, I mentioned what happened to my wife, Ulrike. As a coach, she immediately recognised it as a moment of Finding Purpose - I was no longer thinking about the voices in my head, the ego - will I give a good class?, how will I keep everyone occupied?, what if I am nervous?, etc.. but instead was simply focusing on what was best for the students, i.e.: focusing on the purpose of giving the class in the first place.

Once you find your true purpose, and work towards it, she explained, you achieve it almost effortlessly.

(Ulrike's blog here)

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